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We handle everything from beginning to end. We first make an evaluation of your property to ascertain whether the property is over –assessed and has the potential to achieve a reduction in assessment. In a lot of cases, we find that properties are over-assessed and we can obtain an assessment reduction and relief from the tax burden. We then discuss our findings and give you a recommendation as to whether we should proceed with a real property tax appeal.

If together, we feel an appeal is appropriate our first step is to file for the initial appeal with the local county tax assessor. We will initiate the appropriate real property tax appeal, including: (a) assembling the necessary financial information to support an appeal; (b) completion and filing of the necessary administrative grievances; (c) meeting with the local county tax assessor and local board of equalization: (d) where relief can only be obtained by judicial means, we will assist in retaining highly competent legal counsel.

If the desired results are not achieved through the informal or formal hearings process, a judicial appeal may be an alternative. Provided a judicial appeal is considered appropriate by the property owner and Tax Appraisal Xperts; we will discuss this avenue of appeal. Third party legal counsel specializing in property taxation may be consulted should a judicial appeal be necessary.

Additional expenses for judicial appeal such as expert witnesses, legal counsel, appraisal reports, etc. will be discussed with the property owner, and must be mutually agreeable to the property owner and Tax Appraisal Xperts.

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